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iTero Technology Allows Dentists To Take 3D Digital Scan Of The Patient's Teeth And Mouth

The CaDent iTero digital impression system allows us to create a 3-D image of your teeth, which can then be used to fabricate an exact physical model of them.

Why Would I need an iTero Digital Impression?
  • If you were having Invisalign treatment to have your custom fitted aligners made
  • If you were having a crown, bridge or veneer made

Benefits of iTero Digital Impressions:


  • COMFORT: Traditional impressions can be messy, unpleasant tasting and uncomfortable if the trays do not fit your arch size 100%. The hand-held wand used with iTero Digital impressions makes a world of difference for those with a gag reflex as well.
  • FASTER: Your model will be in a digital format that can be sent to the lab via email, allowing you to start your treatment faster!
  • EASIER ON PATIENT: Patients can take a break when having their teeth scanned by the iTero, if they feel they need to. We simply remove the compact, hand-held wand and then pick up where we left off on the scan. With traditional impressions, a patient must wait for the material to fully set before removal.
  • ACCURATE: Traditional impressions can result in distorted models of your teeth if the impression material is not fully set or if there is an error in pouring up your model. The iTero creates an exact image of your teeth, allowing for crowns, bridges, veneers, or your custom fitted aligners with Invisalign to fit more accurately.

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